Dark Legacy of Evard

6. Vontarin's House

6/15/11: We hammered through this one and then made characters for Dungeon Crawl Classics for Free RPG Day on Saturday!

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
Esprit'e - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Krephyx - Dragonborn Slayer
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue
Waillin - Dragonborn Blackguard


The adventurers had just had their fortunes told by Mother Grivelda, and then defended her farmhouse from rampaging werewolves. She had told the heroes that an evil mage had been buried in Evard's tomb, and that Evard was actually alive. When Nathaire opened the crypt, he triggered a trap that was causing Duponde to slide in and out of the Shadowfell - and eventually Duponde would fall permanently!

In addition, when Nathaire opened up the crypt, Vontarin's spirit took over his body! Mother Grivelda felt that the key to saving Duponde was to "quiet Vontarin's spirit". She knew that when Vontarin was alive, he lived in a mansion a mile or so away from Duponde. 

Mother Grivelda drew one more card and looked at E'Sprite, the shade who oozed lethal sexuality. She said she'd need to give him a "private reading" and it would take 20... no, 30 minutes. 

"Gladly", said E'Sprite.

Klott didn't like it. The dwarf whispered, "Watch your ass. This is all smoke and mirrors."

E'Sprite said, "I do not think I will be the one doing the ass-watching."

After a sweaty 30 minutes with the gypsy woman, E'Sprite emerged and joined his allies outside. "Everyone, I've had an interesting session with Mother Grivelda. I can lead you perfectly to the mansion!".

"Mansion better have a free clinic," grumbled Klott.

The heroes rode on their elephants through the woods. Anyxia's goblin zombie children grew antsy. They were bothered by some of the things revealed in Mother Grivelda's fortune telling.

Scab's limbs often fell off and had to be re-attached. Scab climbed up next to Waillin on the elephant and he asked, "Will you be a mass murderer like the lady said?".

Waillin shrugged. "Will be..?"

Scab smiled and said, "You mean you already are?! Wow!"

Then Scab turned to Klott and said, "Sorry you're a hag. Maybe you could learn to be more selfish. "

Klott said, "I don't think that is possible. My wisdom will not allow it."

Scab thought and said, "Maybe you could stab the elephant!"

"Maybe if I get hungry I shall."

Scab looked at Anyxia and said "I'm doing it, Mommy!"

Anyxia nodded proudly and said, "Self-Advancement! Take him through the three tenets of Chaotic Evil."

Murderface (the one with the arrow through his eye-hole) was on the other elephant. He climbed next to Netochka. "Can I ask you a question, Crow-lady?"

"If you must..", said Netochka.

"Can you show me how to slit throats better? When I do it, I only make a scratch."

"There's an art to it. You can't learn it."

Murderface was disappointed. He said to E'Sprite, "Tell me about Chaotic Evil."

"E'Sprite don't believe in Chaotic Evil. Chaotic Evil is for idiots!"

Murderface began to cry. Anyxia scowled at the Shade with the giant codpiece. "How dare you?!", she said. "He's only been undead for three years!".

Noose, the zombie who liked playing suicide games, climbed onto Krephyx's back. Noose started to put his noose around Krephyx's neck. "I'm gonna hang you from a branch!", he said excitedly. 

Krephyx turned and glared at the little zombie. He snatched the noose away. Noose cried and yelled to Anyxia, "He took my noose!". 

She said, "Don't worry! When we go back to the Shadowfell, there will be nooses hanging all over the place!". Noose clapped excitedly.

The adventurers arrived at Vontarin's mansion. They could smell a burning smell, and could tell many people had been coming and going from the place recently. Netochka and E'Sprite crept up and looked inside. A band of tieflings and their pet drakes lurked inside. No sign of the possessed Nathaire, though. The leader was heavily bandaged. Both his left arm and left leg were completely wrapped up. Three other tieflings were playing Three Dragon Ante.

They regrouped, and decided to go for a surprise assault. The heroes advanced quietly. Then, Netochka jumped through the kitchen window and stabbed the underboss. E'Sprite jumped through as well, and readied his garrotte.

Klott jumped through a front window and charged one of the drakes. Krephyx bashed down the front doors and hacked into the other close drake. Anyxia calmly opened a window as Waillin rushed through the front door.

The gambling tieflings let out a shout, and rushed the heroes. Two tieflings and a drake tore into Klott, nearly killing him with clubs and bites. Krephyx breathed lightning, killing one tiefling. Klott backed up and Waillin stepped forward to protect him and cut down a tiefling.

Anyxia cast Twilight Falls, which created a concealment zone and killed the last of the three tiefling minions. 

Back in the kitchen, E'Sprite maneuvered behind the tiefling underboss and choked him. Then Netochka took her opening and stabbed the tiefling in the chest, killing him. 

All that remained were the drakes. Klott healed himself and killed one. Anyxia cast magic missile through the window to kill another. And E'Sprite ran in and choked the final one to death. 

After a quick rest, the heroes searched the area and found some silver daggers, a potion of healing, arrows, sun rods, 50' of rope and a magic belt of vigor. There was also a trap door that led to a cellar, or perhaps a dungeon....