Dark Legacy of Evard

4. Evard's Tomb

6/1/11: We plowed right through this one with little trouble.The heroes hit level 2 at the end.

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
Esprit'e - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Krefix - Krefix Dragonborn Slayer
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue
Waillin - Dragonborn Blackguard


Duponde had slipped into the Shadowfell. The adventurers had patrolled the city through most of the night,destroying dark ones, dusk beasts and the seeming endless supply of leeching shadows.

The heroes headed to the shrine of Io, where over 20 citizens had holed up in along with Brother Zelan.Once there, Zelan handed them an amulet. He said it was given to the church 50 years ago by a wizard called Vontarin, in case the town was plagued by the forces of shadow. Zelan handed it to Klott, hoping it would help.

They heard arguing coming from a back corner of the room. A woman named Aunt Ivrishak was yelling at three citizens, claiming one of them had cut her nephew's arms. The three citizens:

Colverslyne - A rugged tailor with stubble who acted real cool
Madora - A tiefling maid who spoke mostly Infernal
Arkavyn Shrewdaul - A scummy gravedigger

Anyxia said "Sounds Chaotic back there...". The heroes investigated. 

The boy's arms had scrapes as it a single claw had dragged across his skin. There was a bit of blood. Aunt Ivrishak was accusing all three of being crazy. They claimed they were just goofing around with the boy to cheer him up, and none of them had cut him. The boy didn't really know how it had happened.

Klott healed up the kid's wounds. Aunt Ivrishak thanked the dwarf. He asked her about the symbol of dawn, but she knew nothing. 

Anyxia looked at Arkavyn and said "Well hello, handsome..."

He looked alarmed and said "I didn't do nothin to nobody!"

Waillin questioned the boy with his weird eyesocket. The boy began to weep. Aunt Ivrishak scolded Waillin, noting he was just a boy.

E'Sprite agreed, saying "He is not old enough even to bloom..."

At this point, Aunt Ivrishak noted that E'Sprite had a skull codpiece. In fact, half the party wore codpieces. 

Netochka said "It's a fashion statement. They were on sale."

E'Sprite approached Colverslyne. Colverslyne had a long needle. He said "I'm just a tailor. That's all that I use this needle for."

E'Sprite said "You look like more than a tailor. I mean that in as many flattering ways as possible."

Colverslyne said, "Thanks. You're pretty cool too". The tailor squinted cool-ly.The heroes got the sense that Colverslyne had nothing to do with it. "I was just fitting the kid for a vest. I'm the best tailor in Duponde."

Klott asked, "Is it possible you cut the boy while fitting him?"

Colverslyne squinted more and responded, "That's a novice move."

"Perhaps some day you can give me a fitting. But for now, I bid you farewell!" said E'Sprite. 

Netochka sidled up to the tiefling and said, "I know you know what's going on..."

Madora the tiefling said, "Not much common... You speak Infernal?"

E'Sprite tried to gyrate in a way that communicated without words. She gyrated in confused response. She did have a kitchen knife to protect herself from ghosts. But it had no blood on it.

Klott approached Arkavyn. "You look fairly downtrodden. Are these people giving you a hard time because of the way you look?"

Arkavyn brightened a bit. "Yes! Just because I'm a gravedigger and I stay up all night digging graves. That don't mean I steal anything from the graves!" He looked around nervously. 

E'Sprite said "..A gravedigger! Have you seen anything in the dark? A stupid nerd?"

Arkavyn said "I never even saw one nerd here in Duponde. My dagger never even left it's sheathe."

The heroes asked to see the dagger. When he pulled it out, blood bubbled and poured from the sheathe in copious amounts. Anyxia saw it was a bit ghostly. I was not blood that came from the boy's arm.

Aunt Ivrichak screamed and told everyone to grab the gravedigger. Arkavyn was in shock. 

Netochka and E'Sprite felt that maybe the aunt was behind this, perhaps possessed by a shadowfell spirit. Netochka deftly searched her while E'Sprite distracted her. E'Sprite noticed that she moved oddly, and her eyes would glow now and then. 

Klott held up the symbol of dawn. Aunt Ivrichak shrieked and fell over, and the poltergeist that had possessed her stood free. The poltergeist was the black-cloaked creature who had given the heroes the maggot baby earlier in the night!

The poltergeist lunched at the boy, trying to shock him with necrotic energy. Krefix slashed at her arm. She shriekd and pulled back.

Colverslyne took off his sleek leather vest and covered the kid with it, and positioned himself to take the next blow from the undead hag. Netochka flipped and rolled and pulled both the boy and Colverslyne back and out of reach of the poltergeist. Colverslyne noted that even his hair had not been disturbed, and how important that was to him.

"I understand that completely", said Netochka.

Frantic, the poltergeist looked for someone else to possess. She closed in on Anyxia. Anyxia used prestidigitation to create the illusion of the thing the hag hated the most - a baby. The poltergeist shrieked and clawed at the baby.

Anyxia smiled and said, "Maybe she's not so bad after all.."

Inr age, the poltergeist held out a hand at Waillin and sent him flying 20 feet into the air. He crashed into a crowd of citizens. Then she lunged at Brother Zelan. E'Sprite thought quickly. There was only one thing that could stop this rampage. He began to dance and thrust in a most sexy manner.

The poltergeist stopped, turned and watched. So did the other women in the room. Madora didn't seem to notice. Some jealous guy muttered "...very inappropriate..".

The hag was distracted. Klott chanted and cast Smite undead. The radiance struck her in a glancing blow. She shrieked and faded away, escaping.

The threat was gone, but E'Sprite continued to dance. The ladies were entranced. 

The heroes took some time to rest. E'Sprite entertained the ladies with more thrusting, and they were able to fawn over him and help him heal some serious injuries (E'Sprite had 0 surges and 9 hit points going into this. The ladies essentially loaned him surges to bring him to full, through their erotic connection). 

Brother Zelan gathered the adventurers together. He said just before the trouble in Duponde started, he'd heard chanting in the distance. He saw ghost lights in the trees and dark figures skulking about the tombs.  He saw a wave of dark power wash over the cemetar, which caused the slide into the shadowfell. 

He asked the heroes to take the symbol of dawn tothe graveyard to see if they could fix whatever had happened.

The adventurers made their way to the graveyard. As they got close to Evard's tomb, they realized they were not alone. Two ghouls peered at them from behind statues. Three zombies lurched nearby, freshly slain. And four leeching shadows hovered near trees..

The symbol of dawn sparked to life, bathing the heroes' weapons with radiance.  Netochka sprinted ahead and stabbed a ghoul. Klott engaged the other ghoul, as leeching shadows entered Waillin and Kreffix's shadows. The zombies lumbered toward the heroes and grabbed Waillin and Krefix.

Waillin escaped the zombie grab and expelled the shadow from him. Then he hacked into the zombie, shattering bone and injuring it greatly. He swung again and destroyed it.

Anyxia created a twilight zone that killed a shadow, while E'Sprite slashed another to death. Then he jumped from tombstone to tombstone to get a better vantage point on his foes. 

The ghouls backed away from their respective opponents and hid behind statues. One ghoul crept around the statue and pounced on Anyxia, pinning her to the ground. Anyxia could not escape its' grasp, and tried to hypnotize the creature to no avail. E'Sprite rubbed himself all over and teleported to the ghoul and stabbed it, causing blood to spray out and killing it.

Netochka had been immobilized by a ghoul, and launched range attacks at the nearby zombies. Klott climbed onto a bench, and flanked a zombie with Krefix. Krefix destroyed the last zombie, then turned and killed a ghoul. They forced the last remaining shadow out of Krefix and killed it.

They checked out the tomb. Inside, the sarcophagus lid had been opened but nothing else had been touched. Anyxia could tell that a magical trap had gone off that may have caused Duponde to slide into the shadowfall. 

A journal was on the ground - it was Nathaire's. It was written in some kind of code. The heroes decided to head back to the Old Owl to check it out. As they left the graveyard, they had a lurching sensation... Duponde had returned to the world of Nyrod! 

Anyxia's undead children began to weep. She cheered them up by suggesting that Duponde would slide back again at night. hey hoped so...