Dark Legacy of Evard

3. Dark Dreams

5/25/11: John Z had a very rare no-show tonight, but luckily Ryan arrived to fill in the gap! This session went better than the last, thankfully....

Anyxia the DarkBringer - Shade Mage
Jonathan Brandis - Human Cavalier
Esprit'e - Eladrin Assassin
Klott - Dwarf Warpiest
Netochka Nezvanova - Elf Rogue
Waillin - Dragonborn Blackguard


The heroes had battled spiders who had infected the armory. They destroyed most of them, but five of the six heroes had been wounded badly and fell unconscious. Netochka had jumped into the river, and swam to get help. She returned with Grimbold and his patrol, and killed off the few remaining spiders.

Then Grimbold sent a soldier to retrieve Brother Zelan, the priest of Io. Many citizens were hiding in his shrine. Brother Zelan reluctantly left the shrine to heal the heroes. 

As he healed them, he suggested that they stop by the shrine sometime soon and offer a suggested donation of 50 gold. He also remembered that he might have a symbol that could be of use to the heroes.

Grimbold asked the heroes to patrol Duponde and kill any other evil Shadowfell entities that still lurked in the town.

Klott said, "We'll try, but we don't always do so well..."

Anyxia said, "The tenets of Chaotic Evil would serve you all well. Tenets such as double-dealing and Treachery, etcetera...". Grimbold just looked at her funny. 

The adventurers agreed to do so, and hoped soon that they could check out Evard's tomb to see if Nathaire had done anything to cause Duponde to slide into the Shadowfell.

Natochka climbed up and jumped across a few rooftops to get a better view of the town. She spotted a short, dark creature firing a crossbow at the general store/ Netochka jumped from roof to roof, hoping to get in range to fire at the creature, but it spotted her and vanished.

She returned to the heroes and told them what happened. She described the creature she saw...

E'Sprite knew it was a creature called a dark one. He said, "They are from here. Like everything in the Shadowfell, they are stupid."

Brandis prayed to his deity, Clarissa. He remembered that Clarissa had spent lots of time in the Shadowfell, allying herself with the Raven Queen and ultimately killing Orcus (in Revenge of the Giants, whose summaries I haven't quite finished yet)

They heard screams ring out in the city. They ran to the source. a citizen named Balt Mirdain was in the fetal position in an alley.

Waillin walked up to him, and leaned over, making sure his missing eye hole was facing the fellow. "Tell us what we want to know or... look in my eye..." he hissed.

The heroes calmed the man down, and he explained that he had seen a two-headed drake made of shadow lurking nearby. Anyxia knew that it was a creature called a Dusk Beast, and that they traveled in packs.

She remembered that they did not subscribe to Chaotic Evil. "Despite having two heads, they do not engage in Double-dealing. what a waste..." she said, wistfully. 

The heroes wandered about... (and unfortunately failed 3 straight Arcana checks, thus failing the skill challenge) and were surprise attacked by the dusk beasts, the dark one, and a pair of leeching shadows!

A leeching shadow entered Brandis' shadow, while another tried to enter Netochka's, only to be rejected. The dusk beasts raced forth and attacked! One bit into Netochka, and bloodied her. Klott called upon the Raven Queen and healed her. The dark one set up near a building and aimed its' crossbow. 

E'Sprite dropped to the ground and thrusted, which caused him to teleport toward the dark one. He raced behind the creature and began to strangle it.  The dark one slipped free of E'Sprite's grasp, and shot him point blank with its' crossbow. It raced about, dodging E'Sprite's grasp. It charged up its' crossbow, and fired a massive blast of necrotic energy that bloodied the eladrin assassin. 

Netochka killed a leeching shadow as it failed again to enter her shadow. Anyxia created a shroud of twilight, making it more difficult for the duskbeasts to see the heroes. Brandis stabbed a dusk beast, and exorcised the shadow from his.... shadow. Waillin turned and slashed through the leeching shadow, dissipating it.

Some citizen somewhere shouted "Look Out!", alerting the heroes to danger (the other table activated our twitter buff, which gave the heroes +2 to all their defenses for a round). Brandis infused his weapon with radiance, and killed a dusk beast with a holy smite.

Klott used his magic to heal Brandis' wounds. Then he turned and brought down his warhammer on the skull of a dusk beast. Waillin raced over and bloodied the beast with a powerful strike. 

Netochka put her dagger through a dusk beast's eye, destroying it. Brandis charged another dusk beast close to the dark one and bloodied it. The dark one took aim, charged up its' crossbow, and fired a necrotic bolt into the cavalier and dropped him. E'Sprite got behind the dark one, and strangled it with all his might (a critical, leaving it with a single hit point). He held it for Netochka, who raced over and plunged her blade into it's chest. then she twisted it - killing the dark one.

Only one dusk beast remained. Klott raced past it andrevived Brandis. Waillin pummeled it. The beast tried to run, but he hit it again and destroyed it.

The adventurers would patrol the city for the rest of the night. They weren't sure what to expect when the morning came....